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About Gene Taylor

Gene was born in Washington, D.C., in July 1940 and grew up in northern Virginia. "Throughout my early years my family would 'head for the mountains' almost every weekend from spring through fall. The mountains were the Blue Ridge Mountains and they still retain the same magic and beauty I felt and saw as a child".

Gene TaylorIn 1983 Gene moved to Woodstock, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley where he established a studio, darkroom and gallery. "I was drawn once again to the special combination of gentleness, beauty and timelessness of Virginia's mountains and valleys. The changes of season, weather, and quality of light provide an endless source of visual pleasure".

Taylor has primarily used large format camera equipment and has always done his own darkroom work. "I'm more interested in communicating the feelings associated with what I see and experience than what a particular subject or location looks like. My personal involvement in working with the negative and creating the print is very important".

For the past several years Gene has been scanning original large format film into his computer and making Giclee prints using Epson professional printers. "I'm enjoying exploring the possibilities of this new age in photography. Photographic prints made with archival inks on watercolor paper, rather than with the traditional photographic emulsion process, produce prints with a much different perceptual quality. The inks are translucent, allowing more light to be reflected through to the paper base and back to the viewer. This results in brighter colors and I can put more of the original emotion and feeling into the print".

Taylor's photographs combine simplicity of design with light, color and texture. These elements unite to produce a rhythmic harmony. "Many years of color printing experience have led to a delicate use of color. I'm more interested in color than subject, and try to achieve a transcendental quality in my prints".

Gene holds degrees in psychology from the University of Colorado and Purdue University. "I'm fascinated by the psychology of perception and the emotional effects of light and color. The camera is a great tool for enhancing perception, increasing the joy of seeing".